Engineering In China 2019

Emerged steadily as a tech giant since its foundation in 1949 China is undoubtedly one of the top countries for technology advancement and to some extent leading the world as a pioneer in few of the such as Civil and Architectural Engineering or computer science and technology. That might be the main reason for doubling the number of international students every year coming to China for engineering programmes.

China the largest producer of engineering graduates in the world, with some 700,000 passing out of its colleges and universities every year.

Every year there are more than 78000 international students come to China out of which around 30000-35000opt for engineering programmes.

After Implementation the policies of reform and opening to the outside world in China, the scale of foreign student come to China is expanding constantly. Statistics of the Ministry of Education reveal, the increasing number of foreign student come to China has been keeping above 30% all the time since 2006.

China is the Second largest economy in the world today. In 2025 China is expected to be the superpower of the world.  All the major multinational companies in the world are in China now. Education is a sector that China has opened up to the world today. Chinese Universities are world classes and their medical and engineering universities are equal to that of the USA and UK. Our affiliated Universities have exchange programs with over 40 Universities from USA, UK, Australia, Canada and other parts of Europe.

Engineering in China is becoming popular after medical programs in China for international students, the programs field taught in English is getting more and wider, like Electronic Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Telecom Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Aeronautical engineering, Computer Science and technology, etc.

Most of the Universities are offering partial Scholarships for Bachelor programmes whereas giving fully funded scholarships to master and Ph.D. programmes.

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