Hebei Enrollment




1. The applicants must be Non-Chinese citizens [The applicant must possess a valid passport or citizenship-proof documents (citizenship longer than 4 years), and should have a record of more than 2 year residence in any country other than China in the past 4 years (as of Apr. 30th in admitted year)]

2. Applicants must observe Chinese laws, regulations and school disciplines, respect the Chinese customs and habits with good personalities.

3. Aged 18 years old before Jan. 1st of 2021.

4. Applicants to pursue undergraduate program should have high school diploma and good grades.

Applicants to pursue master’s program should have bachelor degree or above and good grades.

Applicants to pursue Ph.D. program should have master’s degree or above and good grades.

5. Chinese teaching program: Chinese language proficiency HSK4 score 180 or


English teaching program: English as mother tongue or official language, or English proficiency test IELTS score 6.0 or above /TOEFL score 85 or above for non-native English speakers.

Chinese & English teaching program: meet either Chinese teaching program or English teaching program requirement.

6. Master and Ph.D applicants should pass the academic interview.


1. Short-term and long- term Chinese language programs:

Program duration: 1 month; 3 months; 1 year.

Note: For short-term training at summer or winter breaks, we only accept groups. College of International Exchange and Education is in charge of the short- and long- term Chinese language programs.

2. Recommendation Majors

2021 HBU Recommended Majors for International Students

College of International Exchange and Education

Chinese Language

Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages

College of Literature

Linguistics and Applied Linguistics

Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature


Chinese Bibliography

College of Journalism and Communication

Journalism and Communication

College of Management

Information Management and System

Tourism Management

Electronic Business

Human Resources Management

Business Administration



Finance Management

Business Administration

Tourism Management

Management Science and Engineering

College of Economy

International Economy and Trade


Economic Statistics

Practical Statistics

International Business

Practical Economics

College of Education

Preschool education

Development and Educational Psychology


College of Law

Civil and Commercial Law

Economic Law


College of Chemistry and Environmental Science


College of Physics Science and Technology

Optical Engineering


College of Mathematics and Information Science

Mathematics and Applied Mathematics

College of Electronic Information


Electronic Science and Technology

Control Engineering

College of Architectural Engineering

Civil Engineering

College of Quality and Technical Supervision

Measurement and Control Technology and Instrumentation

Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and Automation

Instrument Science and Technology

College of Public Health

Preventive Medicine

Health inspection and quarantine

Public health and preventive medicine

College of Pharmacy


College of Chinese Medicine

Chinese Medicine

Medicine College

Clinical Medicine

Fee Structure

specialty and levels                                                   tuition fee (RMB)

Arts and Medicine     Undergraduates         16000RMB Per school year

Master graduates                                             30000RMB per school year

PhD                                                                       34500RMB per school year

Accommodation Fee

Building 1                                                 30 RMB/bed/day (Double Room)

Building 2                                                25 RMB/bed/day (Double Room)

Apartment 2                                           20 RMB/bed/day (Triple Room)

Other Expenses

Insurance:                                           800 RMB/year/person

Physical examination:                       500 RMB/person

Visa extension:                                    800 RMB/year/person


HBU has the qualifications of Chinese Government Scholarship and International Chinese Language Teachers Scholarship enrollment. We also have the Hebei Provincial Scholarship and Hebei University President Scholarship for self-supporting students, application after legislation.

Required Documents

Application Documents

★ 1、Hebei University Application form

★ 2、The guardian guarantee

★ 3、Physical examination record

★ 4、The scanned image of passport personal information page

★ 5、ID photo with white background (320×240/4:3) file size 100-500KB in JPG

★ 6、Notarized highest diploma

★ 7、Personal resume

★ 8、Certificate of Non-criminal Record

★ 9、Proof of financial guarantee

10、HSK certification

11、Academic transcript

12、The published academic achievement


Application Procedures

  • Acknowledgment of receiving your application will be emailed within 15 working days.
  • We will send an email to inform you once your application is approved.
  • The related colleges will organize interviews for master and PhD applicants.
  • After you pass the interview and your documents are finally approved,    please provide your detailed mailing address by email. Your admission notice  of Hebei University and foreign student visa application form (JW202) will be mailed to you according to the mailing address provided by you.
  • After receiving the admission letter of Hebei University and the JW202 form, you can apply for the student visa (X1 or X2) with these materials from the Chinese embassy in your country.
  • Please inform us of your arrival time after you get your visa.
  • If you could not get to school on time, please inform us in advance, otherwise you will be treated as dropping out of school.
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