Commitment to Excellence

Currently, there are approximately 42,000 full-time students, including over 6400 full-time doctoral candidates and postgraduates and more than 28,000 undergraduate students. Currently there are 3342 faculty members, among whom 1995 are full-time teachers, 55.69% hold doctorate degrees. There are 67 state-level talents who are academicians of the two academies, Changjiang Scholars, winners of the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, members of the National Baiqianwan Talents Program, winners of National Teaching Master, national candidates of New Century Talents Project, National Young and Middle-aged Experts with Outstanding Contributions or State Council Special Allowance Experts. There are also 330 provincial-ministerial specialists with the title of Yanzhao Scholars or Provincial Outstanding Experts.

First-Rate Curriculum

HBU boasts remarkable ability in education, with 1 national key discipline, 3 world-class discipline construction programs of Hebei Province, 4 national first-class discipline construction programs of Hebei Province, 3 national key discipline cultivation programs of Hebei Province, 4 characteristic disciplines and 18 key disciplines of Hebei Province, 11 postdoctoral research stations and 1 postdoctoral research center. It has 3 national and regional joint engineering laboratories, 22 Provincial and Ministerial Key Laboratories (base) and engineering laboratories, 17 Key Research Institutes (center) of Humanities and Social Sciences at provincial and ministerial-level, 4 Hebei 2011 Collaborative Innovation Centers, 1 Collaboration Center co-founded by Hebei Province and the Ministry of Education, and 2 key laboratories co-founded with state-owned enterprises. Apart from that, there are 14 state-level Quality Engineering Projects including Experimental Teaching Demonstration Centers and characteristic specialties, 17 national Undergraduate Teaching Projects covering professional comprehensive reform pilots, outstanding talents training plans and undergraduate educational practice bases, as well as 126 provincial undergraduate teaching reform projects to improve teaching quality. The university is also the National Cultural Quality Education Base, Further Educational Base for professional and technical personnel and Yan’an Spirit Educational Base.

For Apply

As a key comprehensive university, Hebei University (HBU) is co-constructed by Ministry of Education and the People’s Government of Hebei Province. It is also one of the first-level universities participating in China’s construction plan of national first-class university and world-class disciplines, with strong support from the Hebei Provincial Government.

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