Admission open Shanxi University

Application for Admission

I、 Foreigners wishing to study at Shanxi University of TCM and satisfying the college requirements are eligible for applying directly to the college. Those wishing to study as adult students or students for advanced studies need to provide diplomas and transcripts, and indicate the majors they are interested in. Those wishing to study as an undergraduate need to provide secondary school diploma, a transcript of his final year of study in the secondary school, and results of .the Chinese proficiency Test (HSK) The college, has the right to decide whether to issue admission forms and physical examination forms to applicants or not. Such forms are also needed for undergraduate enrolling through an entrance examination.

II、 After receiving the admission form sent by the school, applicants must fill it out with correct information requested and submit it along with the following original documents.

(1) Application Forms for Admission to Shanxi University of TCM for overseas students, with recent passport-size photo attached.

(2) Certificates and transcripts

a. Those wishing to study as adult students need to submit certificates of their highest qualifications as well as transcripts.

b. Those wishing to come for advanced studies and research need to submit certificates of their highest qualifications, achievement in scientific research and intended areas of research.

c. Those wishing to study as undergraduate students, after passing entrance examinations, should also submit their secondary school graduation certificates and transports.

d. Undergraduates enrolled, who have previously submitted the above documents are exempt from this requirement.

(3) Letters of Recommendations (Chinese, English or Japanese Original)

Secondary school graduates should refer to their school or work unit for recommendations.

(4) Applications should attach a photo to the Physical Examination Records for foreigners. The physical examination form and blood test results should be signed and dated by the physician. Photocopies of these documents at the fine of application are acceptable. Original ones will be checked after enrollment.

(5) Money order of RMB ¥ 800 for application fee should be sent by registered mail together with Jw201 or Jw202 form to International Education Center of Shanxi University of TCM two months prior to enrollments.

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