Scholarship Details

100 % Tuition Fee and Hostel Fee Exempted for total 4.5 Years . Student does not have to pay any Tuition or Hostel Fee .

University`s actual Tuition and Hostel Fee per Year : 20,000 Rmb / Year . 20,000*4.5= 90,000 RMB as scholarship.

Each year there are thousands of student scholarships and other financial aid opportunities available all over the world. A great variety of those scholarships and student loans in China are international scholarships awarded especially to international students coming from places across the world, such as Australia, Asia, Europe, or the US. Many of those international scholarships are not degree program specific. There are, however, specific undergraduate, postgraduate or PhD scholarships for international students, among others.

Not all international scholarships have eligibility requirements based on GPA scores and a motivation letter! Besides merit-based scholarships, numerous specific scholarships are awarded to students following various criteria such as nationality, religion, special needs or financial situation.

In addition to regular scholarships, we also list government grants, studentships, competitions, fellowships and other financing options for your studies at North University of China of Water Resources and Electric Power.


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