Sports Activities & Look Of North University Of China

North University of China (NUC; 中北大学; 中北大學; Zhōngběi Dàxué) is a university based in Taiyuan, Shanxi province, China. It was formerly known as North China Institute of Technology from 1993 to 2004. Founded on September 8, 1941 as Taihang Industrial School, and renamed Taiyuan Institute of Machinery in 1958, the university played an important role in the weaponry development and personnel training for the PLA during the second war and the Chinese civil war. In 2001, senior Party official Bo Yibo; wrote the inscription “The First School for People’s Ordnance” (人民兵工第一校) at the 60th anniversary of the university.

Great opportunity for Pakistani Students wishing to Study Engineering in China

Scholarships are offered to Pakistani Students in:

  • Bs (Mechanical Engineering)
  • Bs(Computer Science)

Sports Activities and a look of North University of China:

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