Taiyuan University of Technology September 2017 Scholarships & Admissions

Taiyuan University of Technology – 太原理工大学 – Tàiyuán Lǐgōng Dàxué is a university in Taiyuan city, Shanxi province, China. It is a high ranked University under the provincial government of Shanxi province. It is located near Beijing.


Fully funded scholarships for:

  • Bachelors
  • Masters
  • PhD

Taiyuan University of Technology scholarship will cover the tuition fees, 2 sharing accommodation and a monthly stipend of RMB 1250 for Bachelor, 1600 for Master and 2000 for PhD

Taiyuan University of Technology has been launched by Pak China Education Consultants (Pvt) Ltd at Taiyuan University of Technology.

Medium of Instruction at Taiyuan University of Technology is English

Majors of study at Taiyuan University of Technology


Bachelor Program at Taiyuan University of Technology

  1. Computer Science and Technology
  2. Mechanical Engineering and Automation
  3. BBA


Master Program at Taiyuan University of Technology

  1. Computer Science and Technology
  2. Mechanical Engineering
  3. Power Engineering and Engineering Thermo physics
  4. Vehicle Engineering
  5. Industrial Design Engineering
  6. Material Science and Engineering
  7. Metallurgical Engineering
  8. Materials Engineering
  9. Electrical Engineering
  10. Electronic Science and Technology
  11. Information and Communication Engineering
  12. Control Science and Engineering
  13. Electronic Communication Engineering
  14. Software Engineering
  15. Architecture
  16. Civil Engineering
  17. Agricultural Water-Soil Engineering
  18. Chemical Engineering and Technology
  19. Chemical Engineering
  20. Environmental Engineering
  21. Mining Engineering
  22. Safety Engineering
  23. Geological Engineering
  24. Optical Engineering
  25. Integrated Circuit Engineering
  26. Power Engineering
  27. Biomedical Engineering
  28. Industrial Engineering
  29. Administration and Engineering
  30. Accounting
  31. Enterprise Management
  32. MBA


PhD Majors at Taiyuan University of Technology

  1. Mechanical Engineering
  2. Material Science and Engineering
  3. Electrical Engineering
  4. Electronic Science and Technology
  5. Computer Application Technology
  6. Geotechnical Engineering
  7. Structural Engineering
  8. Water Conservancy Engineering
  9. Chemical Engineering and Technology
  10. Environmental Engineering
  11. Mining Engineering
  12. Mineral Resource Prospecting and Exploration
  13. Safety Science and Engineering
  14. Optoelectronic Materials and Devices
  15. Biomedical Engineering
  16. Administrating Science and Engineering


Terms and Conditions:

In order to continue the scholarship, the student will have to keep up with the following terms and conditions:

  1. Should at least have B grade or a GPA of at least 2.8.
  2. Should not fail any subject.
  3. Attendance in the class should be 90%
  4. Should not break any law of the University
  5. Should not break any law of P. R. China
  6. Should not indulge in a fight or bad behavior inside or outside the campus

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