Shanxi University of Finance & Economics

Shanxi University of Finance and Economics (abbr. as SXUFE) simplified Chinese: 山西财经大学; traditional Chinese: 山西財經大學; pinyin: shanxi cáijīng dàxué), founded in 1951, is one of the earliest financial universities in China. The university sticks to highlighting the academic characteristics and advantages of Economics and Management, focusing on Economics, Management and Laws as the mainstay subjects and developing interdependently Economics, Management, Laws, Literal Arts, Science, Engineering and Teaching.

Offer Scholarship in Following Fields


Fully funded Scholarship for Masters and PhD September 2019

Monthly Stipend:
PhD: 2500 RMB/month for 10 months a year
Masters: 2000 RMB/month for 10 months a year (5000 RMB tuition fee per year for Masters Students)

Masters Majors:
1. Business Administration
2. National Economics
3. Labor Economics
4. Administration
5. Finance
6. Financial Engineering
7. Social Security
8. Land Resource Management
9. Marxist Academy Marxist Theory
10. Statistics (Science)
11. Basic Theory of Law
12. Economic Law
13. Civil and Commercial Law
14. Environmental and Resource Law
15. Constitutional and Administrative Law
16. Law (Law)
17. Law (illegal school)

PhD Majors:
1. Corporate Management
2. Statistics (Science)
3. Law Economics
4. Finance
5. Financial Engineering
6. Accounting

Required Documents:
• Educational Documents
• Passport
• Photograph
• Police Character Certificate
• Physical Examination
• Study plan
• 2 Recommendation letters
• Bank statement


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