Shenyang Medical College (沈阳医学院, Shěnyáng Yīxué Yuàn)

Shenyang Medical College is a medical college in ShenyangLiaoning Province of China. It was formerly known as Shenyang Municipal Advanced Practice Nurse School. The school opened in 1949 and was renamed Shenyang Advanced Medical School, directly managed by provincial government in 1958. It was upgraded to Shenyang Medical College in 1987.Study mbbs for international students, The college expanded in size, specialties offered and improved in operations. It established a multi-tier education system involving bachelor degree (MBBS) education, It graduated more than 30,000 students.

The campus covers an area of 524,000 square meters (5,780,000 sq ft), Study MBBS in china while the building itself encompasses 198,000 square meters. Its current fixed assets are valued at 730 million Yuan. Among these assets is the library collection. Best medical university in china, The college also has six foreign database teachings, worth 831,000 Yuan; research equipment, worth 78.18 million Yuan; and other miscellaneous equipment sets, worth 800 million Yuan.

Shenyang Medical College studying mbbs in china has a staff of 4,438 people, including the staff of affiliated hospitals. 731 staff members are full-time teachers, 81 are professors, 104 are associate professors; 37 are doctors, and 213 are masters.

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